Disclosure Regarding Advertising

While the majority of the content appearing on this website is provided without reimbursement, this website does accept various forms of advertising, affiliate advertising, paid insertions, sponsorships, and other types of compensation. Such compensation does not influence any content or information contained on this website. We will always share our honest opinions, experiences, thoughts, or findings. We also find some great products and services…that is why we share them with you! Some of our sponsors pay a recurring fee for marketing purposes. In other instances, we get a commission if a visitor clicks on a sponsor’s text link or ad and buys something. Our Google AdSense advertisements are clearly marked. When you see the “Ads by Google” or “Ad Choices” at the bottom of an ad, please realize that these ads are provided by an outside service. As a result, we have no control over the ads that are displayed and cannot guarantee or endorse products or services contained in these ads. The content of this site will sometimes include contextual affiliate links. The compensation we receive for these links may influence the content of the advertising we use, but only in relation to the position of its placement. Such content, post, or advertising space may not always be labeled as sponsored content. This site only accepts advertisements from companies which provide high-quality goods or services. At times, we may run a contest in which a company provides us with a free product to give away to out visitors. The company may also give us the product to review prior to the contest. All resulting reviews are based on our own opinions and are not influenced by the company in any way. We are also not compensated for reviewing any service or product beyond receiving the sample product. The ideas and opinions presented on this website are based on our own experiences. If we assert or give the impression we are experts on a specific topic or service or product, we will only recommend services or products which we believe, based on our experience, deserve such an endorsement. All product claims, statements, statistical data, or other assertions about a service or product should be confirmed with the product or service provider.

Disclosure Regarding Endorsements and Testimonials

Some of the people quoted throughout the website, whether consumers, celebrities, experts or otherwise, have benefited in some way in return for their testimonial or endorsement of the product. Many of the endorsements are simply unsolicited emails, calls or blogs from contented customers but other endorsers have received free products, financial benefits, promotions of their products by Shasta Sage Wellness in return for their endorsement or other benefit in return for their statements. Often testimonials and endorsements are posted by a seller of a product and afterward there is no further contact between the endorser and the seller and no way for the seller to follow up with the endorser; therefore, it is possible that some of the endorsers no longer have the same opinion which they expressed previously.

Disclosure Regarding Affiliates and Bloggers

Please note that there are many people blogging. Some may link to or write about www.shastasagewellness.com. Many of these people may be compensated in some way or may benefit from their relationship to Shasta Sage Wellness. Any claims made by these affiliates which are not likewise made in the materials on www.shastasagewellness.com or other websites accessible from www.shastasagewellness.com or controlled by Shasta Sage Wellness cannot necessarily be relied upon and are unauthorized by Shasta Sage Wellness. Shasta Sage Wellness and the sites through which affiliates sell their products require that such parties are familiar with the FTC requirements and such parties also acknowledge that they are not authorized to make any claims or representations which are not authorized by Shasta Sage Wellness. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of Shasta Sage Wellness, it is extremely difficult to follow up on every affiliate and every posting. If you as a consumer have any questions about information being supplied by others, please contact Shasta Sage Wellness directly.

Disclosure Regarding Endorsements by Shasta Sage Wellness

Please be advised that there is a connection between the seller of the endorsed product and Shasta Sage Wellness. The sellers of the endorsed products have either supplied the product to Shasta Sage Wellness free of charge or Shasta Sage Wellness receives a financial benefit or other benefit as a result of promoting sales of such products. Such material connection notwithstanding, Shasta Sage Wellness’s strict policy is to only endorse products which Shasta Sage Wellness truly believes in.