Calendula Oil

Calendula to Improve Your Skin

Calendula has been in use for hundreds of years both in skincare and medicine. When infused in oil, it creates a golden elixir that is incredibly healing, rejuvenating, and supportive of skin health. We came across calendula as a skin healing remedy when using cloth diapers for one of our children and having some recurring

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ginger tea

Ginger: A Powerful Rhizome

Ginger is not exactly a root, but it kind of looks like one. Ginger, known scientifically as Zingiber officinale, is a rhizome commonly used in foods and beverages for their characteristic pungency and flavor. It is used widely in Chinese, Ayurvedic, Unani medicines and home remedies for many ailments including pain, inflammation, and gastrointestinal disorders.

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Shasta Sage Summertime Bundle

Announcing the Summertime bundle!

Summer is here! Are you prepared? If you’re like us, you’re likely more than ready for the summer. We can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! The thing is, our skin is likely going to take the brunt of the assault from bugs, sunburn, mosquitos and more. Is your skin

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We’re happy to announce the launch of the Shasta Sage Wisdom newsletter, a weekly collection of data-based information to help you live your best life.

So, everyone has a newsletter, what makes this different?  We’re not just looking at natural health for your body, we’re also looking at how you can take more control of your life and discover health freedom through nature. When you invest in your greatest asset – yourself – the dividends pay exponentially.  Here’s some of

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Can you remineralize your teeth with toothpaste?

Remineralizing your teeth is a multistep process that requires a great deal of attention, but yes it can be done. And Shasta Sage Wellness offers a remineralizing toothpaste that can help you achieve success with tooth remineralization. Here are some other factors to consider. First, understand what causes tooth decay. It’s best to stop decay

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