Shasta Sage Summertime Bundle

Announcing the Summertime bundle!

Summer is here! Are you prepared? If you’re like us, you’re likely more than ready for the summer. We can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! The thing is, our skin is likely going to take the brunt of the assault from bugs, sunburn, mosquitos and more. Is your skin ready?

We have just the remedy to prepare your skin!

We designed our new summer bundle to protect your skin from the dreaded horrors that may come along with the summer season, such as sunburns, mosquitos, dry skin, rashes and much, much more. Not only that, but you get everything included in the bundle at up to 40% off regular price!

Included in our Summer Bundle is:

2oz Colloidal Silver – Helps disinfect and accelerates healing of cuts and wounds.
Calendula Oil/Salve – A nearly omnipotent skin treatment. Boosts the healing of sunburns, rashes, insect bites, dry skin, ringworm and much more. Click here to learn more about what calendula oil can do for you.
Deodorant – Gets rid of summer stench! Duh! Our all natural detoxifying deodorant can make your pits smell great for up to 24 hours, while extracting toxins out of your body unlike standard deodorants that do the exact opposite!

The summertime bundle will only be available until Labor Day, get it now to help you manage the needs of your skin and overall wellbeing in the sweltering summer months.

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