Colloidal Silver


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Packaged in amber glass bottles and available in 2 Fl. Oz. with mist pump and 4 Fl. Oz. or 8 Fl. Oz with regular cap. Shasta Sage Wellness Colloidal Silver is a 99.9% pure ionic silver in distilled water. Tested for purity, particle size, and concentration, 10 ppm minimum. Our colloidal silver is approximately 85-95+% ionic silver with the remainder colloidal. The ions are too small to be seen with the microscope. Research into the effectiveness of colloidal silver shows that the ions do the most effective healing by killing the pathogens they come in contact with. The ions also have the ability to initiate stem cell growth which supports the body’s ability to rapidly heal itself.


  • Distilled Water
  • Colloidal Silver

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2oz w/ Mist Pump, 4oz, 8oz


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